Thủ tướng thay đổi chính sách giá điện mặt trởi


Investors use solar power system for businesses and factories will make electricity bills to pay significantly reduced monthly. Depending on the area of ​​installation of energy panels and power consumption of investors, the reduction may be up to 90%.

The reasons for choosing solar power system for organizations – businesses – Factory:

* Cooling factories: Reducing greenhouse emissions, cooling factory roofs, using stable power sources, especially improving images and reducing high cost of electricity for daytime use – are benefits that Enterprise obtained when using solar system.

In addition to installing grid systems to reduce electricity bills, factories and factories can also apply solar power to the lighting system in the factory premises. In addition to not having underground cables installed as with conventional grid lights, the solar light system is also absolutely safe because of low-voltage DC, and especially works even when there is a malfunction, ensure lighting and security for the factory.

* Effective investment: In addition to saving a large amount of electricity, you won’t have to worry because the cost for the solar system has decreased by 13% over the last 4 years because of technology more and more advanced. Meanwhile, the warranty for a 25-year battery, life of over 35 years – is enough time for your investment to return to profitability and profitability.

* Appropriate features for organizations – businesses – factories: Solar power system can save completely electricity costs monthly, no smell, no fuel and can still provide energy for the main electrical equipment works. Solar power systems for organizations – businesses – factories nowadays are often used, and there is an integrated storage battery for the evening in case of a power outage.

  • Environmental protection: By using abundant energy sources and completely natural from the sun, the system has significantly reduced the greenhouse effect, fuel, carbon emissions into the environment significantly.
  • Create friendly images: Using solar power system will be a good way to promote your brand about environmental responsibility and will show in positive feedback from customers.

For the above reasons, the solar power system is gradually becoming the first choice for many organizations – businesses. To meet the demand, Hengs Vietnam provides solar power systems for organizations – businesses – modern factories as well as commitment to perfect quality.

If there is a need to sell electricity, businesses, organizations and families can install systems with larger capacity and enjoy the following benefits from solar power:

quy mô hệ thống điện năng lượng mặt trời


Solar power grid

The system does not use batteries, provides clean, environmentally friendly energy sources.

Solar electric hybrid

The integrated battery system ensures 24/7 power supply for businesses.